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Amigos Mentorship Program

This fall Amigos is launching AMP (Amigos Mentorship Program) in Wimberley for 9th-12th graders with the primary goal of helping our students achieve post secondary success. Post secondary success is the ability to apply to and be successful in a trade school, community college, University or certification program. AMP means to energize, to excite, to raise up-and that is exactly what Amigos aims to do through our mentor program. With AMP, our goal is to equip students to imagine, pursue, and actualize post secondary opportunities so that they may have successful careers and be life changers in their community. Part of the program will be to host a monthly meeting for students and sometimes their parents. We will provide food, speakers, and workshops to build community and to teach the skills needed to navigate high school and beyond. Another goal is to host field trips to area colleges, universities and trade schools. Many of these students have never visited such institutions and being able to facilitate these experiences will be impactful as they chart their post secondary path. Through AMP, Amigos aims to fill in the expectation gap, the information gap, the guidance gap and the financial gap so students can maximize their potential in high school and successfully continue their education after graduation.

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